Outreach and Events

Hello Fairview!!

I am so excited to share the April and May Outreach focus with you. As many of you know Laurel Ridge Camp, Conference & Retreat Center has a special place in the hearts of many Moravians, especially the youth of our congregation. Fairview’s April Outreach focus comes this year in two parts to support our youth going to Laurel Ridge this summer.

The first part is the invitation to discern the many ways that we as the congregation of Fairview Church can support our young people in their faith journey. Through thoughtful prayer and discernment, I hope we can all find ways to talk with our youth and hear their camp experiences that have been meaningful and formative in their faith journey over the years. These conversations are also a time for us to share with them our formative faith experiences over our lifetime that came from camps and events in the church and surrounding areas as we were growing up.

The second part is going to take place on May 13th during the Youth Sunday service at Fairview where our youth will lead us in worship. A special offering envelope will be placed in the bulletins for a special collection during worship that will go directly to help with sending as many of our youth to camp this summer.

I would like to say thank you to the Board of Trustees who have already made a pledge to get the Laurel Ridge Scholarship fund for the youth of Fairview off to a start and I pray the members of our congregation will be involved in the growth of this effort to support our young people.

Any child that has completed 1st grade can attend summer camp until the summer after their High School graduation. For children who have completed 3rd grade, summer camp cost $450.00 per child for the whole week. The pre-junior camp is for children who have completed 1st and 2nd grade can stay from Friday night to Sunday afternoon and cost $225.00 per child.

The April/May Outreach effort will go towards paying for half camp scholarships per child from our congregation for the summer of 2018.

It is my hope is that all our youth can have a camp experience and that our prayer, discernment, intentional conversations, and support of all they are doing, especially on their faith journey’s will leave a lasting impression on them for their entire lives.

Peace in Christ,

Pastor Victoria.