Everyday Gratitude:  Developing a Listening Faith

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Fairview Moravian Saturday September 9, 2023

9am till 4 pm

Sharing our personal faith in Jesus is God’s great love story that the Church is uniquely called to practice and spiritually gifted to accomplish. In this study we will seek to understand evangelism as natural and spontaneous.  This study will balance learning with the practice of sharing one’s faith in order for you to begin or renew an evangelism ministry in your congregation. 

At the end of the Study you will…

  • Discover and share “my” personal faith as a love story. Sharing the Jesus “I” know.
  • Discover and share “our” congregational love story as the intersection of the congregation’s passion for ministry with a great need of the world. Sharing the Jesus we know as a faith community.
  • Begin to overcome any personal hesitation to share your faith and pray with and for others with five practice opportunities.
  • And much more!

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Workshop Schedule: (one-hour segments with 5 faith sharing opportunities)

  • Introduction – the very Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ
  • Scriptural and Spiritual Foundations
  • Faith Sharing -Personal relationship with Jesus
  • Faith Sharing – Introducing Jesus
  • Faith sharing as an embodied community practice.
  • Beginning, renewing, and maintaining an evangelism ministry

Pastor Tony Hayworth was introduced to the energizing ministry of sharing one’s faith during training provided by the Board of Evangelism and Home Mission.  Tony has provided evangelism training at three congregations and continued to learn about Evangelism as a student at Moravian Theological Seminary.  While in seminary, Tony participated with the Moravian Church Northern Province Evangelism Commission and was a member of the Southern Province Evangelism Committee 2008-2010. Tony was blessed to be part of the Synod 2022 ministry group which developed the Resolution for a Moravian Church Southern Province Evangelism Commission.  Tony is pursuing a Doctor of Ministry in Christian Spirituality at Virginia Theological Seminary. His thesis on evangelism will further develop the content of this training.