We are a Safe Sanctuary!




Helping Hands Clipart - Helping HandOur Fairview Friends Fellowship has formed a Care Group to assist single church members who have no family in the area when they are sick.  We will provide “heat and eat” food items for your immediate needs when you are unable to get out to the grocery store.  Please call Nancy Morgan (336-760-3946) or Sharlene Medley (336-408-1851) to inform them of your need.




Sunday School Nursery

August 20-Phyllis Footland

August 27-Carolyn Neal

September 3-Terri Barringer

September 10-Carolyn Neal

September 17-Eugenia Ivy

September 24-Phyllis Footland



Worship Nursery

August 20-Terri Barringer

August 27-Heather Hubbard

September 3-Anne Hauser

September 10-Judy Byerly

September 17-Peggy Hoyle

September 24-Terri Barringer



Worship Greeters

August 20-Judy and Jerry Byerly

August 27-Mary and Maurice Melton

September 3-Peggy Hoyle and Mary Cannon

September 10- Frankie and Phil Stith

September 17-Joanne and Bill Oehman

September 24-Sharlene Medley and Mollie Rascoe


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